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Get peace of mind for all of your major appliances with Boston Appliance Product Care.
Enjoy the great benefits, including:

Extend Warranty Coverage Up to 5 Years

Extend Coverage
Up To 5 Years

In most cases manufacturer limited warranty usually only covers up to 1 year.

On-Site Service

On-site Service

We take care of the installation and re-installation if needed.

No Deductible or Co-Payments

No Deductibles

No Additional Fees.

Food Loss Allowance

Food Loss Allowance

Covering up to $200 in food, should your fridge fail.

Real People, No 800 Numbers to Call

Real People,
No 800 Numbers

No 800 numbers,
Excellent Customer Service.

Protect Beyond the Manufacturer

Enhancing your coverage for normal wear and tear.*

Boston Appliance Product Care Extends Coverage Up to 5 Years - 3 and 5 Year Plans available.

Manufacturer Warranty Typically Only 1 Year

Potential Repair Costs Without a Protection Plan

Pricing is based on national average service prices. Actual costs may vary by provider and/or location.


  • Compressor $600
  • Fan $215
  • Ice Maker $295
  • Thermostat $205
  • Condenser $275

Washers & Dryers

  • Motor $315
  • Dryer Belt/Seal$175
  • Drain Pump $210
  • Transmission $400
  • LCD Panel $250


  • Water Valve $150
  • Drain Pump $225
  • Control Board $250
  • Circulation Pump$225
  • Motor $250

Ranges & Cooktops

  • Bake Element $175
  • Surface Element$150
  • Sensor $130
  • Control Board $325

Extended Warranties

Boston Appliance Product Care is an in-house service you can trust. With our excellent customer service we will get you up and running if the unexpected happens. We can keep your appliances running like new with the help of our CORI Certified appliance service professionals.

On Site Appliance Repair Service

On-Site Service

We come to you for all major appliances. Sit back and relax, no need for any heavy lifting.

No Fees or Deductibles

No Fees or Deductibles

There are no fees or deductibles when you have the Boston Appliance Product Care Extended Warranty. Even the standard $80.00 diagnostic fee is waived!

Appliance Warranty Service Beyond the Manufacturer

Beyond The Manufacturer

Our warranty extends coverage on major parts beyond the manufacturer's warranty period. We'll cover you for up to 5 years!

Appliance Installation Service

Installation / Reinstalling

Our experienced installers will take care of you when first purchase your appliance, and they'll take care of installation again when needed after a repair.

Normal Use Wear and Tear

Normal Use Wear and Tear

Repair costs are covered for normal wear and tear including manufacturer defects, or internal humidity or heat. *(abuse is not considered normal wear and tear)

Appliance Surge Protection is Covered

Power Surges

We'll take care of you if your appliance fails due to a power surge.

Talk to Real, Local Appliance Repair Specialists

Skip the 800 Numbers

When you call Boston Appliance Product Care, you're speaking with local professionals. Not some call center with robots answering the phone.

Food Loss Allowance

Food Loss Allowance

Should your freezer or refrigerator fail, we'll cover up to $200 in spoiled food.

Compare the benefits:

Boston Appliance
Product Care*


Functional Parts and Labor.

Included Included

No hidden fees on Labor Costs.

Included Not Included

On-site Service and Repairs or Installation and Re-installation if needed.

Included Not Included

Covers repair costs for normal wear and tear, including defects in materials or workmanship and failures due to dust, internal heat and humidity.

Included Not Included

Covers repair costs for equipment failure due to a power surge or fluctuation.

Included Not Included

Should your freezer or refrigerator fail, we'll cover up to $200 in spoiled food.

Included Included

If you need service, there’s no need to dial an 800 number to talk to someone in another country, we are right here, where you purchased your appliance, call us, or stop right in.

Included Not Included

*For specific Plan benefits and a complete description of the scope and limitations of coverage, please refer to the actual Plan terms and conditions. Additional terms and conditions apply. Limits and exclusions may apply. A service order disclaimer may need to be signed to obtain repairs. Some services may require an in-home visit scheduled and performed during regular business hours. Boston Appliance Product Care must be purchased with the product.
**Manufacturer warranties may vary.